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The wiki engine behind RacerKidz is a Wiki Domain Engine based on the Markdown language. The Markdown language was created to simplify creating web content.

Some of the features of this wiki engine:

  • Markdown language used to create nice content. Some extensions to build wiki links and such
  • authorization, authentication, different levels of visibility
  • WikiPath, surfing the wiki content via built-in wiki-path capability (see this blog: Wiki Domain Models and Racer Kids)
  • domain/category definintion
  • engine driven by the category: guides creation of topics, their properties and relationships
  • scala scripts - there is possibility to embed runnable scala and Javascript scripts in the wiki topics - these scripts are executed when the page is displayed and add complex behavior to the pages, such as displaying the current number of members in a club etc
  • runs on the JVM
  • Java compatible and embedded/embeddable in any Java product
  • etc

Read further about wikis and the syntax extensions used:

Read this blog for more details on some of the more interesting R&D topics used in this wiki engine.

Some technologies that made this engine possible:

Read more details at


Note that the WikiPath is part of the API and it can be used to discover and navigate. Once the topics of interest are identified, the API below can be used to access them.

These APIs are specific to the account they're made from (permissions, rendering etc).

GET /weapi/v1/entry/*wpath Get an entry, by wpath, as a full JSON. weapi/v1/entry/rk.Admin:Wiki_Engine

GET /weapi/v1/entry/id/:id Get an entry by Id, as a full JSON. weapi/v1/entry/id/506c867a0cf26592618ee264

GET /weapi/v1/entry/ver/:ver/*wpath Get a specific version of an entry, by wpath. weapi/v1/entry/ver/1/rk.Admin:Wiki_Engine

GET /weapi/v1/content/*wpath Get only the original content (markdown) of an entry. weapi/v1/content/rk.Admin:Wiki_Engine

GET /weapi/v1/html/*wpath Render an entry to HTML. No CSS or other includes are added, just the content included as HTML. weapi/v1/html/rk.Admin:Wiki_Engine

POST /weapi/v1/preview/*wpath Editing help: POST alternate content to this URL to render to HTML (preview). You need to be logged in. weapi/v1/entry/rk.Admin:Wiki_Engine

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