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We believe in simple clean awesomeness.

The web should be light or dark - each and every website should support light and dark themes - you can rest assured your website / wiki reactor will too - checkout the theme selector at the top.


We use Bootstrap 2.3 for this clean awesome look, so you know your pages will look great.


Besides the dark/light themes, we have a growing selection of available layouts:

  • classic layouts:
    • Play:wiki.layout.classic - div9 left with well, ads right
    • Play:wiki.layout.div12 - div12 with well
    • Play:wiki.layout.div12Cool - in work
    • Play:wiki.layout.div12Plain - div12 no well
    • Play:wiki.layout.div9Plain - div 9 NO well, ads right
    • Play:wiki.layout.div9Ad - div9 with well, ads right

To select a layout, go to your reactor admin page and edit it - inside you will look for a section called "website" and in there add this line (or replace it if the layout was already configured):


and then save the page.

See to learn about the div9 and div12... or just experiment with them.

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