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A Users module for reactors - you can have your own users.

To use this effectively, in the reactor settings (the section:properties) you should add this property:


These are the permission levels avilable - use a subset:

  • Public means anyone can see
  • Members are all users with an account cretaed for your reactor
  • Basic, Gold, Platinum are levels of paid users
  • Admin is a special permission: you
  • Private is visible only to the user that created the topic

Note that you can use the same permissions for editing EditBy.

{{Property title=allow users to join your website/reactor}}

{{Property description=This mod will activate the "Join" menu at the top-right and contains detailed instructions about managing user content}}

{{section pages:}}
pages { main { category=ReactorMod name=Users label=Users template="ReactorModule:Users#main" } user { category=Category name=User label=User template="ReactorModule:Users#user" } }

{{section main:}}
Users can join your website/reactor with the top-right "Join" menu.

Also, i your categories, you can now specify which categories can be owned or "liked" by users.

You can also customize the page a user sees after logging into your website, it is called UserHome while the one that everyone else sees, which is Home.

{{section user:}}
Reserved page for users

Meta info:

  • {{Can link from User(s) as Owner}}
  • {{Can link from Person++(s) as Kid,Parent,Spouse,Guest,Other}}
  • {{Property visibility=Private,Club,Public}}


{{section item:}}
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